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Michelle is a Columbus-based artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has loved art ever since she was a kid drawing on the bottom of the kitchen table. After obtaining her BA in Graphic Design, Michelle went on to complete her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Lesley University. She continues to work as both an artists and graphic designer, and loves the sense of connection and belonging that art offers.

Artist Statement

An obstruction is something that impedes passage or progress. Some are obvious while others are subconsciously overlooked. My work follows a thread of obstructions, investigating the ways in which historically gendered philosophies and traditionally gendered materials create obstructions in the way that art is viewed and received. Bringing together elements of craft and textiles such as patterning, dyeing, needlework, and quilting alongside landscape and oil painting, my work calls for a reconsideration of gendered categories. Blurring these lines, my work seeks to disencumber the lens through which we view certain types of work while honoring the contributions and labor of women throughout history whose thankless necessity-work we look to with admiration.

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