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MFA Blog Fall 2022

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

I'm off to a late start due to moving and moving complications, covid, and caring for sick relatives, so I'm not where I'd like to be at this point in the semester, but I'm working hard to get caught up. I completed the series I had started in the previous semester and have begun some new pieces as well. I finally got moved into a studio space on October 1, though I may be moving to another space in the near future. I've also been spending more time in the planning and research phase this semester as I'm trying to move into some new things. For the academic requirements, I've been reading, looking at contemporary art sites, and attending local exhibitions/events.

I'm doing some extra research and material collection for natural dyeing and looking to experiment with that this semester.

I'm also looking at artists like Jeremy Miranda, Danielle Klebes, Kellie Lehr, Grant Haffner, Jules de Balincourt among many others.

First the completed work:

(above) Part 3 of a series I started in the previous semster. (30inx40in)

(above) Continued investigation of obstructions (9inx12in)

(above) Continued investigation of obstructions (9inx12in)


(I intend to do a much larger version of this - I messed around with some mockups, but have since pivoted into another direction). Below are the mockups for an idea of what I'm thinking, but I'm thinking I'll may be painting patterns instead of landscapes, at least at first.)

More WIP:

Inspo for the fabrics/dyeing/craft, etc:

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